The NEW GPS for Life Site

The GPS for Life site is almost here!

Bill Tatro's newest site is almost here - with more information than before and better than ever. It'll be released by the end of this month.

What is going on? We're here to answer your questions. On Money Radio 1510, Bill has moved to 8pm. HOWEVER - you can still listen to the show. Everyday you can come here to listen to the show. Click here, or the link that says 'It's All About Money Radio Show' at the top menu, and you'll get every show, by no later than 2pm MST. They are ALL commercial free, and starting Monday, February 3rd, will include a special bonus segment you can't hear on the radio.

As always, you can access the Macro Profit Newsletter by clicking here. And stay tuned for lower monthly rates!

At GPS for Life you'll see great new features such as;

  • Daily, up to the minute commercial free access to the radio show recordings with a BONUS segment just for podcast listeners;
  • Subscribe and access the MacroProfit Newsletter - Bill's expanded content section;
  • Instant access and email updates to Bill's articles;
  • iPhone and Android apps coming soon to access all show content;
  • Information regarding the GPS for Life™ Plan and how it can help you;
  • Subscribe to the newsletter;
  • ..and much more!