Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Terms

    • MacroProfit Newsletter is paid on a monthly basis through either PayPal or directly billed through our secure payment page.

    • When you sign up, you are immediately billed for the first month’s price, and will continue to be billed roughly on that same day of each succeeding month.

    • You are NOT under any obligation to continue, but once your payment is processed, that month’s fees are non-refundable.

    • When you cancel your membership will remain active through the remainder of your monthly billing period.

How Do I Cancel?

    • Although we hate to see you go, cancellation is easy.

    • Simply go to the website and Click on the ‘Account Login’ page and click ‘Manage My Profile’ or click here. Once you’re at the page you can click ‘Unsubscribe’; you’ll receive a confirmation and you will no longer be billed.

    • You can go to our contact page and email us your request to cancel. We may email you directly to confirm that you were the sender, but we will process the cancellation immediately.

    • You can call our support line at (480) 256-2625 and we will process the cancellation for you.

Side Note: If you are a monthly subscriber through PayPal you can always initiate the cancellation from your account there.

Can We Improve or Help?

While we try to make it simple to cancel we hate to see you go. If there is a feature or item that we don’t have or something we could do better, we’d like to hear from you first! Please call us at (480) 256-2625 or send us an email by clicking here.

The MacroProfit Newsletter Team